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Just got back from a morning run and now I'm sipping a delicious, massive green smoothie. So refreshing :) I only ran for 30 minutes today. It's pretty humid after a night of thunderstorms, and my blood sugar was crashing since I only drank black coffee before heading out.

When I got back, I needed to eat something, and fast.

Oh hello there, delicious

So I blended up this massive smoothie with a cucumber, an orange, a frozen banana, and a huge handful of spinach. My Vita-mix blended it into a really smooth, deliciously green drink that revived me ;) Did I mention how much I love my Vita-mix? LOVE

I want to eat you :P
One of my goals this summer is to eat healthier. After a semester of eating crap, all I want to eat are FRUITS and VEGETABLES. Or as I like to call them, froo-eats and vuh-getuh-buls. Froo-getables? xD

I drank all this, times two...
Hey, there's no such thing as too much of a good thing, right?
Although it's not too hot yet, I like to sip on yummy, refreshingly cold things, like iced tea, iced coffee, and this spa water I made with thinly sliced lemons and cucumbers. Plain water is good, but flavour is even better :) I think it's a waste of money to buy those expensive flavoured waters (like Hint) and powders that are full of nasty chemicals. I generally don't buy bottled water, anyways. Why spend that money when you can make it yourself?

This is so easy, that I'm not going to write a "recipe" for it. Just toss your sliced lemons and cucumbers in a pitcher with some filtered water and let it sit for a few minutes. It should keep in the fridge for 1-2 days. I sometimes add a little more water to it after pouring myself a glass to replenish it. The flavour won't be diluted too much.


  1. you are running? wth is this nonsense??? I am so confused. What happened to the lethargic munky i remember at school? ^___~

  2. I actually ran in school too, which lasted for about 2.5 weeks lol. School just makes me BLAHHHHHH xP

  3. I totally agree about the water! I drink a lemon watered pitcher everyday, just toss in 2-3 slices organic lemons and fill it up with water, love it, so refreshing, especially when it´s as warm as now! :)



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