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On the second day in Hawai'i, we rode a bus that took us from Hilo to Kona. As we were waiting at the bus terminal, we found a small farmer's market across the street! Of course, we had to go check it out.

There were a few stands, mostly selling fruits and vegetables. Some had flowers, and one sold homemade sweets.

 Pineapples! Bananas! Papayas!

The vendors were very friendly, and many offered us samples of fruit since we were just staring at them and trying to figure out what they tasted like. There were "apple bananas", which are a smaller variety of banana, and "strawberry papaya". The names were intriguing, and we were wondering if they the bananas tasted like apples, and if the papaya tasted like strawberries. The apple banana was a bit acidic and firmer than a "normal" banana, and the strawberry papaya is probably named for its red flesh. It had a strong pine-y flavor that some didn't like. I liked both fruits, though. Heck, I'll eat any kind of fruit (even durian!).

Piles upon piles of papaya! Fruit is one thing that is cheap in Hawai'i. I forgot how much we paid for these, but I think it was something like $2 for five papayas. We also bought those apple bananas.

There were also some fruits that some of us had never seen before. One lady sold rambutans and something else that I forgot the name of. They are the bagged yellow round fruits in the picture, and they were pretty pricey compared to everything else. 

Another lady was selling homemade sweets made from glutinous rice, or sticky rice. I love anything made from sticky rice (like mochi!). I bought the purple sweet rice cake and some mochi. I also bought some haupia, which is Hawaiian coconut pudding. It's like jello made from coconut milk, with a rich texture. Although we bought so much fruit and sweets, it was pretty cheap! We were loaded with our goodies, and ready for the bus ride to Kona. 

Look what I found! There were a few little boutiques nearby, and I saw these Spam masubi and sushi pillows in the window of a shop. So cute!

Up next: more food! And beaches!


  1. wow...I now want to go to Hawaii SO BADLY! that farmers market looks like my favorite place in the world!

  2. oh wow, this looks amazing! Just have to love farmer´s market, no matter where in the world :)



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