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One more week until I go home. I feel like I am just waiting for the end. I only have two exams during exam week, and they are a week apart. My first exam, German, is tomorrow, and I should be studying. But I want to procrastinate a bit more (the night is still young!), so I will share some pictures from my trip to Hawaii. These are long overdue; my trip was in January! Oops, sorry about that.

In January, I took a trip to Hawaii for a "class". A bunch of us in the group decided to go a few days early to party chillax in Hawaii, so that's what we did. We stayed on the Big Island, mostly on the Kona side.

I first flew from DC to St. Louis. From St. Louis, we flew to San Francisco, then to Honolulu, then finally to Hilo on the Big Island. It was a heck of a lot of flying.
It was cloudy as we were flying into Hilo

When we finally arrived at Hilo, the sun was setting. We loaded up a few pricey taxis with our luggage, and drove to the hostel we booked. The hostel was pretty basic, but the grounds were gorgeous! Since it was dark by the time we arrived, I didn't get a good view of the hostel. The next morning, before we left, I snapped a few photos. It was quite literally a tropical paradise.
The kitchen and a sitting area is up ahead
Don't know the name of this flower
There was a little convenient mart in the front
Continuing our journey, we left the hostel in the morning and took the bus to the Hilo Bus Terminal. We were going to catch another bus for a 2+ hour bus ride to the other side of the island, to Kona.
Our group, with all our luggage, waiting for the bus
Up next: food!


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