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Tonight, I decided to make a green tea smoothie. I bought some vanilla frozen yogurt, got some ice, and threw it in a blender with some matcha powder.

I was hoping for a creamy, smooth smoothie, but I got icy slush instead. Granted, I did add too much ice, but the damn blender just wouldn't get it smooth enough! Also, I didn't want to make too much noise and disturb my suite mates who are probably hard at work studying for finals (ignore the fact that I'm not). I gave up, and scooped my green tea slush in a bowl, and ate it with a spoon. It was still sweet, green tea-y, and yummy, so not a total failure.

At times like these, I really miss my Vita-mix blender. IMHO, the Vita-mix is the best blender out there. Actually, that is not my humble opinion. That is a fact. The Vita-mix is THE best blender. Full disclosure: I was not paid to say that (though I would gladly say it again for some moolah ;) ) I had mine for a year, and it is one of my most used appliances. It is so versatile, not just for smoothies, too. You can make hot soup in it. Yes, you can actually cook in it, that's how powerful it is. None of this slushy nonsense.

I'll be going home soon, and you can bet that I'll be blending up smoothies, ice cream, soups, sauces, nut butters (still need to try this). I'm so excited to go home because I can cook, in an actual kitchen. YES, five more days.

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  1. Green tea smootie sounds fun! I had green tea tiramisu and loved it .. so something tells me I will enjoy this too :)



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