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(I wrote this on the train on the way to Goettingen on my first day. It's my third day here, and I'll write more about stuff later)

I am in Deutschland! Right now, I am on the Inter City Express from Frankfurt Airport to Goettingen. I have made it this far, hopefully I can find my way to the Goethe Institut, where I will be studying German for eight weeks.

I feel kind of clueless, and I was hoping to meet up with people from my program so we could ride the train together. However, their plane was delayed, so I didn't want to wait at the airport for two hours. I had no idea how to ride the trains, but I (hopefully) figured it out, and this train that I am on will take me to the right city!

I left home Sunday afternoon, and my plane arrived in Frankfurt early Monday morning. I didn't sleep very well on the plane, so I am terribly jetlagged. It's not even 10am, and I am so tired! I'm running on adrenaline, here.

Well, it's good to know that my German is good enough to find my way to the right train platform. Haha I am so proud that I bought my train ticket all in German. I didn't say much, but I understood the ticketing lady's questions and directions to the platform.

Before getting on the train, I exchanged some money to Euros and bought two Vollkornbroetchens, or whole grain rolls, for the train ride. Damn, everything is expensive, and changing dollars to Euros makes me feel poor. Well, I'll have to learn to budget my money and be especially careful when I'm buying food!

My train arrives in Goettingen in about 45 minutes. From the train station, I'll take a taxi to the Goethe Institut and check in. Until then!

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  1. Me and gege read your article together. Those German places are so hard to pronounce... Post more. Papa



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