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On Monday, I had no class because of a religious holiday. Instead, I went on a historic tour of the city. We had a choice of the tour in English or German, and for some reason, I chose German. I didn't learn much, partly because I couldn't understand everything the tour guide said, but mostly due to my lack of attention span.

We passed by St.-Johaniss-Kirche during the tour, but I actually climbed up one of the church towers the day before. It costed 2 euros, but for the view, it was worth it. Plus, I got some serious exercise!

Schöne Göttingen

I love this city, and I can't get over how beautiful it is. I've seen a lot of it already, but I'm sure there is more to see. I can just walk around the city, looking at little boutiques, stopping for an ice cream, or just wandering around and people watching.

While we were in the tower, we saw a peregrine falcon eating a dove! It was just going at it and ripping pieces of flesh off. There is a peregrine falcon nest in the church, and they are protected since there are very few of the left. A French man told me that there were three living in the church tower. They are wunderschöne :)

I took a few snapshots during the tour. I feel like I can point my camera anywhere and it will be picture perfect.

Got hungry from all that walking, so we went to a creperie on Goethe-Alle. I think it was called GroMo. I wanted to order a pepper, tomato, and cheese crepe, but they weren't serving peppers or tomatoes due to the e.coli scare. Schade. I got a cheese and ham crepe, instead, but it wasn't what I wanted. Heck, I need to eat more vegetables! Just can't live without them ):

After the crepe, I wanted something sweet. There's this gelato store that I really liked. I got Schwarzvanilleeis, black vanilla ice cream, and it was DE-LI-CIOUS. It was black, but it tasted so good, like vanilla frosting out of a can. That sounds gross, but it's a really intense vanilla flavor. I would get it again, but I wanted to try all the flavours.

There was 'Mozart', based on the chocolate covered marzipan candy; 'Raffaello', that coconut covered Ferrero candy; 'Ferrero Rocher'; 'Kinderueberraschung', literally 'Children's Surprise' based on the Kinder chocolate candy; 'Stracciatella'; and much more.

It is always a hard decision to make, but I decided on Erdbeer-Joghurt and Schokolade (strawberry yogurt and chocolate). It was a good choice. The chocolate was a deep deep chocolate and very rich. The yogurt ice cream is my favorite, though. It has a strong tart yogurt taste, not too sweet, and richer than frozen yogurt. It somehow feels lighter, though. Yum :)

I want to try almost every flavor. I think it's possible to average one flavor a day, and it's great that it's relatively cheap. Only ,80 euro per kugel (scoop). For high quality, delicious ice cream, I'd say that's a steal.

Don't worry, I'm not just eating ice cream and cheese. This afternoon, I went into the city to go grocery shopping. For dinner, I just ate a huge bowl of vegetables and some delicious whole-wheat bread full of sunflower seeds with camembert spread on it. It was simple, but it satisfied my cravings for veggies. I bought a lot, so I'll be eating more vegetables for the next few days. That makes me a lot happier :)

Today, I also went hiking in the Göttingen Forest, but more about that later.

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