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I've been here a week, and I have only written one post. So sorry about that, but I've been really busy! Still trying to figure out how I should write these blog posts, but I'm just going to ramble about what I'm doing. Forgive me if my writing is all over the place. 

Everything here is new to me, and I have gone around the city many times already. I've tried a few restaurants, cafes, bars, and ice cream shops. Downtown Goettingen is in the style of old European towns, with half-timbered buildings. There are so many little boutiques, book stores, cafes, imbiss stands, and much more. I'll slowly make my way through the city, seeing and eating whatever looks good. I live in the Goethe Institut, which is kind of in the suburbs of Goettingen. The walk into town isn't bad at all, though. There are also grocery stores not too far away, so even without a bike or car, getting around is pretty convenient.

Panorama of the Rathaus and the Platz it's in. There's a great ice cream/cafe shop in the corner to the right, where I had a waffle with joghurt ice cream, fruit, and strawberry sauce and a cappacino. Everything was delicious and so pretty! There are some ridiculous ice cream creations here in Germany. One of the most well-known ice cream specialty is Spaghettieis, vanilla ice cream that looks like noodles, topped with strawberry sauce and grated white chocolate. Germans just like to make ice cream look like other things, like birds nests, pizzas, tacos, etc. The ice cream creations are crazy.

Waffeln mit Joghurteis, Obst, Erdbeersauce, und Sahne. Lecker!
Other delicious looking ice cream creations

Near the Rathaus is a statue of a girl in the middle of a fountain. She is called Gänseliesel, and graduates come to kiss her, even though it's technically against the law. I had the luck of witnessing a graduate kiss her. She drew a large crowd, and everyone was taking pictures, so I didn't feel like a creeper.

There are many bookstores, here, and I just want to go into one and spend a few hours looking through books. I haven't had the time, yet, but I'll probably go during this week. I went into a large bookstore called Thalia, and of course I had to go into the cookbook section. They have a wonderful selection of cooks, and most of them are in full color with beautiful pictures of the dishes. I wanted to buy at least one, but couldn't choose which one. They were also pretty pricey and I have to be selective with what to fill my suitcase with. 

I want all of these!
On Saturday, I came upon an antique store tucked away in a narrow alley between two buildings. There were a lot of knick knacks, porcelain, glass, books, etc. I looked through the books, and found cookbooks! I got one, and it was a really good deal. Got the book plus two little things for gifts, and it was only 4 euros. 

I am looking through my new cookbook, and planning on making some of the recipes. Breakfast is included with the room and board, but I have to make my own lunch and dinner. Going out for food can get expensive, so buying groceries and making food saves a lot of money. I haven't made anything complicated yet. Pasta is the easiest thing, so I got some premade tortelloni, pasta sauce, and mushrooms that lasted me for two meals.

Wasn't too bad. I've also been surviving on muesli and joghurt and chocolate. Cooking is hard since there are limited pots and pans, and the stove smaller than half the size of my stove at home. It seriously looks like a toy.


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