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Hawai'i: it's the perfect destination. White sand beaches, tropical climate, beautiful sunsets, etc.etc. A few of the many reasons why Hawai'i is one of the top vacation spots. I have to add one more reason to visit: the food! In fact, it was the topic I chose to do my presentation on for "Hawai'i class". 

Hawaiian cuisine is peculiar. It has evolved from Polynesian cuisine, who were the early settlers on the island. Influences from all over the world brought a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, livestock, and flavors to the island. Many foods associated with Hawaii, like pineapples, coconuts, and taro, were actually introduced to the island. Hawai'i is a mixing pot of cultures, and the cuisine reflects that. Consequently, interesting dishes appear in the cuisine, such as Spam masubi, the ubiquitous plate lunch, and Loco Moco (hamburger patty over rice, topped with gravy and fried egg).

By the time we got to Kona, it was past noon, and we were looking for some place to lunch. The bus dropped us off at a strip mall, so most of the choices were chain restaurants. There was one place, Genki Sushi, that I've never heard of before. They had conveyor belt sushi! I've never been to one of those places, so I was excited to try it. Grabbing plates of food off a conveyor belt as it comes by you is genius.

Each dish was color coded, which corresponded to its price. Most dishes were rather cheap, but it does add up if you're not careful!

I think the red plate had tofu skin stuffed with spicy tuna. The green plate had a hand roll with spicy tuna.

Salmon nigiri; not really worth the price for two small pieces.

California roll; these were huge!

Although it wasn't particularly good sushi, it wasn't bad and a good experience. For the most part, it was a fresh and filling lunch. I forget how many plates I got, but I ate quite a bit and totaled $12. A bit pricey for lunch, but oh well.

Up next: Plate lunches and pupu platters ;)

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  1. SO GOOD. That sunset is crazzyyyy awesome. Your sushi taste better xD



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